After-storm clean-up continues in Kincardine

Three days after a mammoth storm hit southern Ontario, Municipality of Kincardine maintained roads are reopening. Municipal and County crews continue to work on improving conditions and remind motorists that they should still use the roads cautiously.

“Roads crews, emergency services, hydro workers, tow truck operators, and so many more unsung individuals have worked so hard throughout the past three days to help keeping things going,” says Municipality of Kincardine Mayor Kenneth Craig.

“Indeed, we owe a huge thank you to these crews. Not just in the Municipality, but throughout Ontario we’ve seen teams come together and give of their time. This is time that was meant to be spent in holiday celebrations around tables with their families, and we are so grateful,” says Craig.

For those who are planning to head out, it is important that they prepare to do so starting with a check on road reports. Packing an emergency kit in your vehicle, fully clearing it of all snow, and turning on the entire lighting system is key to safe travel.

Craig goes on to ask travellers to take their time. “We realize folks will be eager to get their celebrations now that roads are open. Please travel with caution; it’s still winter, after all!”

Even with weather and road conditions improving in the Municipality of Kincardine, crews in other areas may still have more work to do. OPP recommend travelling only if essential to allow work to be completed.

As part of continued clean-up efforts, Municipality of Kincardine crews will be doing snow removal from midnight to 6 a.m. on Queen Street in downtown Kincardine between Durham Market South and Broadway Street on Tuesday, December 27th.

The Municipality of Kincardine is still under a significant weather event and a weather advisory from Environment Canada. For further information on emergency preparedness and links to weather resources, visit