Over 300% increase in drivers charged

Bruce Peninsula Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) conducted numerous hours of focused traffic enforcement over this past travelling season on Highway 6, Bruce Peninsula. The results are alarming with 130 drivers being charged for stunt driving-50km/h or more over the posted speed limit from January 1st to present date. In 2017 OPP officers charged 43 drivers with the same offence on Highway 6.

There have been no fatalities on Highway 6 this year but the sobering reality is that drivers’  behaviours need to change.  

In the spring of 2018, Bruce Peninsula OPP received from Safe Communities Bruce Peninsula two SpeedSpy data collection devices. The two devices were deployed throughout the two municipalities of the Bruce Peninsula over the summer months. On Highway 6, the devices were set up over 4 individual weekends capturing northbound traffic. The data, such as speeds and amount of vehicles, was recorded and analyzed showing that there is an ongoing problem with drivers’ behaviours when it comes to excessive speeding. Over the four weekends that the SpeedSpy devices were deployed 354 stunt driving speeds were recorded.  

“A significant amount of work was done over the summer but clearly there is more work to do,” says  Interim Staff Sergeant Paul Richardson.  “Those drivers that travel on Highway 6, at excessive and dangerous speeds, need to recognize that there actions directly negatively affect others also using the highway. Through our partnerships with community stakeholders we resolve to keep Highway 6 safe. Ontario Provincial Police will continue to enforce the laws of the road, raise awareness for safe driving and remain committed to public safety”.