All Aboard for the 8th Annual Marine Heritage Festival

Stephanie Crilly (C) of Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre was surrounded, with pirates on one side and Marine Heritage on the other

Amy Cresswell of Bruce Telecom brought good news when she presented a cheque to help out with the Marine Heritage Festival (L) Stan Young and Captain Wayne Sparrow and 1st mate Deb

Mini-pirate Sophia Canadina Barker meets Captain Wayne Sparrow (L) is Grandma Connie Barker and 1st mate Deb Sparrow

The 8th annual Marine Heritage Festival in Southampton is fast approaching and activities and events are moving forward at a clipper’s pace.

Amy Cresswell, Marketing & Event Assistant at Bruce Telecom brought some financial help to the group with a donation of $2,000 on Monday, June 25th.

Cresswell met with Captain Wayne Sparrow and Marine Heritage officials on the lawn of the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre and saw for the first time the latest design in cardboard pirate ships.

The Festival weekend kicks off on July 27th at the Museum with a mammoth BBQ, live entertainment on the patio and lessons in cardboard boat building to keep the kids busy.

Pirate Apprentice Sophia takes her work seriously!

On Sunday, the activities move to dry land with bike racing.  First it’s the Children’s bike race at the Big Flag and then it’s time for “War on the Shore” races through the streets of Southampton with a BBQ lunch hosted by Marine Heritage Society.

Finally, at the end of the day and end of the weekend, there is a Community supper and Ecumenical church service in Pioneer Park to officially bring the weekend to a close.

All weekend long, there is something for every age and admission to everything is FREE!