All Aboard for the Bruce County Museum Railway

Riding the Rails through Bruce County

The Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre is excited to announce the opening of a new addition to the permanent galleries with the “Riding the Rails” exhibit.

Riding the Rails through Bruce County

This hands-on model train exhibit tells the 100-year history of commercial and personal activities surrounding the railway in Bruce County, when the railway displaced marine travel as the prime means of transport, until our modern road system and fast efficient vehicles displaced rail transport.


Both children and adults alike will enjoy taking a step back in time when they experience the views along the railway circa 1920s to the 1950’s, as the train rolls through realistic dioramas of Mildmay, Walkerton, Paisley, Port Elgin, and Southampton and whistle stops represented along the way in rural Bruce County.

Realistic dioramas of rural Ontario

It was through the vision, interest and passion of many model train enthusiasts and local history buffs that this exhibit has been created. As word of their work spread, more helpers magically “appeared”, some with unique and critical talents. In total, there have been more than 30 “Bruce County Museum Railway members” working with the team at the Museum. They contributed their talent and skills in research, electronics, wiring, woodworking, structural engineering, drafting, model building, photography, graphics, creative writing, and fabrication! It has taken more than 8,000 hours to create “Riding the Rails”.  For the young and young-at-heart, this is a must see exhibit.

“For some, it’s a revisit to the past and, for others, it’s a view through the window of time at an era that brought growth and prosperity to Bruce County thanks to the railroad and those who worked on them,” said Randy Schnarr.

Graydon Hancock, points out the station that he built


Cathy McGirr, Museum Director and Randy Schnarr, Project Organizer

“This exhibition is a welcomed addition to our permanent gallery and the content further enhances our storytelling of the County”, commented Cathy McGirr, Director, Museum & Cultural Services.


Judith King built two stations – Paisley and Port Elgin


(L) Museum Business Manager, Janice Mewhinney with Rotarians Tony Sheard (L), Ed Braun, Sylvia Sheard and Trish Saunders (R)
Travis Jackson represented sponsor 98theBeach

“Riding the Rails” is proudly presented by 98 The Beach and The Rotary Club of Southampton and opened to the public on July 12th.



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