Allies for Alleycatz – a passion for finding homes for felines

To the Editor:

There is a very special lady I would like to thank for her services to those who have often been abandoned by humans. She is Donna Coughlan with Allies for Alleycatz.

With no locally funded rescue this individual has tried her best to fill the void. She has literally put blood, sweat and tears into this endeavour, not to mention thousands of her own dollars!

Donna rescues abandoned kittens and cats as well as some whose owners either are unable, or are not willing to take care of the cat(s). She does not have a separate shelter, but uses her own home to take care of these cats until a suitable home is found. Now that is dedication.

She has rescued about 200 cats over the years. With help from some needed donations and fundraisers she tries her best to provide a safe and loving environment for these cats. Each has its own sad story.

A lady in Toronto had 300 cats in her apartment. Let`s say she started with 10. Imagine what Kincardine would be like if Donna hadn`t helped with these cats!

My major was in Mathematics. It often makes no sense to me why someone would buy a kitten or cat and spend over $500 to get shots and have it ‘fixed’. Donna does not sell cats. The usual donation per cat is $175, or more if desired. For this you get a furry friend suitable to your needs that has been vet checked and spayed or neutered.

She has all colours of cats as well as all types of personality. Be prepared that if you go to choose a cat, the cat may choose you!

If you cannot adopt a pet, you can still help. Donations of canned or wet food, cat litter or cheques go a long way. Also if you have a free morning or afternoon you could volunteer your time. This involves feeding the cats, changing water and cleaning cat litter. This takes
about an hour and a bit. It can take even longer if you decide to spend some “quality`time” with these needy and usually loving animals. You may get more out of it than the cats!

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to help rescue cats, not just a few volunteers and Donna. Thank you Donna Coughlan for all you are doing to help these kittens and cats!!

David Dyer