Baiting and hunting migratory birds results in fines and prohibition

The Ontario government is protecting landowners and migratory birds by ensuring that hunters don’t trespass onto private property or unlawfully hunt migratory birds within 400 metres of bait.

Cody Videto of Petawawa pleaded guilty to trespassing for the purpose of hunting contrary to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and hunting migratory game birds within 400 metres of bait contrary to the Migratory Birds Regulations. Videto was fined a total of $5,240 and must not apply for a migratory game bird hunting permit during a 12-month period beginning on the day he pleaded guilty. This is an automatic prohibition upon conviction of some offences under the Migratory Birds Regulation.

The court heard that during the morning of September 26, 2022, a landowner in the Hazley Bay Drive area of Pembroke heard gunshot noise coming from his property and saw someone unlawfully hunting on his field. Conservation officers interviewed the landowner and other witnesses and determined that Videto was the individual unlawfully hunting the field. They also discovered freshly deposited bait and several empty shotgun shell casings in the field where the hunting had taken place. The investigation revealed Videto had purchased similar bait from a local farmer a few days prior to the occurrence. Conservation officers executed a search warrant at Videto’s residence and seized evidence that assisted in the case.

Justice of the Peace Anne Colterman heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Pembroke, on January 15, 2024.

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