Bruce County 2024 budget is finalized

At the Thursday, November 2nd (2023) Corporate Services Committee Meeting, Bruce County Council approved the 2024 Capital and Operating Budget, which will see the final by-law adoption later this year.

The 2024 budget supports people and capital assets, continues to build the financial foundation by building reserves and establishing a positive net financial position, and focuses on a long term outlook through strategic and asset management planning.

Council and Staff thanks all residents and stakeholders that participated in the successful budget survey that provided feedback through the budget review process.

The approved 2024 budget is made up of $22.5 million in capital expenditures and $140 million in operating expenditures funded by $67 million in property tax levies, which is a 6.16% increase in 2024.

The County is making key investments in Infrastructure, Paramedic Services, Long Term Care and Senior Services, and Housing and Community Development. The approved budget will see Bruce County provide Housing and Homelessness Supports for up to an additional 515 households, address community growth by increasing Paramedic Services resources, and develop a strategy for supporting local health care.

Warden Chris Peabody commented, “Thank you again to everyone that participated in our recent Budget Survey. Your feedback was extremely valuable to our budget process. The 2024 Budget continues Bruce County down a fiscally responsible path and dedicates significant funding to infrastructure, social support, and community development needs. I would like to thank County staff for their hard work and careful planning that went into building the 2024 budget.”

Discover more about the 2024-2028 draft corporate budget and forecast at Multi-year budgeting is a best practice for municipalities, and encouraged by the Province, ensuring adequate resources for fulfilling the County’s strategic plans and goals.

For more information on the 2024 Bruce County Budget, please contact Director of Corporate Services Edward Henley at

Proposed Key Initiatives for 2024:

  • Local Health Care Infrastructure Levy $0.15M
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Software $0.4M
  • GIS Modernization $0.2M
  • Bridge and Culvert Projects $2.6M
  • Road Projects $2.5M
  • Transfers to Transportation Infrastructure Reserves $2.5M
  • Winter Road Maintenance $3.9M
  • Housing Facilities Repairs and Replacements $3.0M
  • Housing and Homelessness Programs, Supports, and Services increased spending of $0.6M
  • Paramedic Services Vehicles $0.8M
  • Paramedic Services Port Elgin Station Staffing increase $0.5M