Bruce County CAO announces his retirement

Derrick Thomson, who was appointed CAO of Bruce County in April, 2022, has announced his retirement, after a total of 43 years of public service.

His retirement date is set for December 15, 2023.

Warden Chris Peabody says, “On behalf of the entire County, I would like to thank CAO Derrick Thomson for his public service and guiding leadership. Derrick has helped build a foundation of good governance and modernization, elevated key community growth projects, and pushed Bruce County to be an employer of choice. We wish Derrick all the best in his retirement.”

According to the County, Thomson has successfully guided the municipality through several key projects, including the creation of the Intergovernmental Office and Community Development Office, the completion of the new strategic plan, and the right-sizing the County budget to handle real-time pressures on service and infrastructure needs.

In a statement by Thomson, he thanked Bruce County colleagues.  “It has been a real privilege to serve with Council and Staff, supporting healthy and strong communities that are preparing for future growth. Under Bruce County’s talented leadership team, I see continued success and a bright future.”