Bruce County lends a helping hand to start-ups

(L-R) Bruce County CAO Kelley Coulter, Wilfred Laman of Lion’s Head Beach Motel & Cottages, Zachary Bolton RMT of Port Elgin, Dave Cook of F.I.G. Studio Kitche i Ripley, Trevor Anderson or Timber Trevor, Adam Dietz of Freestyle Cartel in Kincardine, Brian Carson of By the Bay in Pike Bay, Sarah Farrell of Farrell’s Pick Your Own in Ripley and Bruce County Warden Paul Eagleson.
Not pictured are grant recipients: Tassja Martin of Sweetwater Hair & Bodyworks of Wiarton and Kathleen Shipman of Lighthouse Pizza and Ice Cream Shop in Ripley

Warden Paul Eagleson announced on June 21st that nine businesses in Bruce County are recipients of a provincial grant awarded through the program called “Starter Company Plus”.

This grant helps business owners and entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting, expanding, or moving their business to the area with a $5,000 grant. The grant must be used toward the purchase of goods or services identified in their business plans.

 “Having 28 applicants in this intake is reflective of Bruce County’s growing economy. There is a strong entrepreneurial spirit and willingness for business owners to explore new opportunities here in Bruce County. We are happy today to announce the nine awarded grant recipients,” said Warden Paul Eagleson.

Kara Van Myall, Director of Planning and Development added that, “The participants were required to complete a training series that would help them gain more knowledge in areas such as “Business Planning” and “Introduction to Financials”.  We partnered with both Fanshawe College and Contact North to facilitate the training. In addition to attending the training, the businesses had to create a business plan outlining their future plans that were then presented in a ‘pitch it’ style event to the review committee.”

The successful 9 grant recipients were recognized by the Warden at the Planning and Development Committee on June 21st and include:

  • Trevor Anderson (Timber Trevor) Lion’s Head

  • Zachary Bolton (Zachary Bolton R.M.T) Port Elgin

  •  Brian Carson (By the Bay) North Bruce Peninsula 

  • Dave Cook (F.I.G Studio Kitchen) Ripley

  • Adam Dietz (Freestyle Cartel) Kincardine

  • Sarah Farrell (Farrell’s Pick Your Own) Ripley

  •  Wilfred Laman (Lion’s Head Beach Motel & Cottages Inc.) Lion’s Head

  •  Tassja (Najtassa) Martin (Sweetwater Hair & Bodyworks) Wiarton

  • Kathleen Shipman (Lighthouse Pizza and Ice Cream Shop) Ripley