Canadian Tire Basketball league a winner

The Canadian Tire basketball league completed another season with gold and bronze medal games played Thursday evening.  

Canadian Tire Basketball
(L-R) Mike and Eleanor Mowbray, Tim Smith and Ozzie Alpaugh (Player representative)

The grade 4-6 division was won by Team Grey. The entire team chipped in for the win using many of the strategies and techniques taught over the season. All players did a terrific job of spacing on the floor allowing for some great team passing. Team Grey defeated the Red team by 12 points.  

Team Red was a force to reckon with all season and they captured the grade 7-8 championship with a 20 point victory over a strong Gold team. This was a well-played game that entertained all who watched. With a fast paced flow up and down the court all players were winded at the final whistle.  

The High School division went to Team Blue, defeating the Red squad. For many involved in the league it will be the last time playing in the league. The players have certainly elevated the game of basketball in this area with some long range shooting, quick passing and the odd dunk.  

Organizers of the league, Mark McNeill, Kevin Darlington, Leigh Roberts and Tim Smith are very pleased and thankful to the many SDSS students who volunteered to officiate and coach.  We would also like to thank Canadian Tire for their support in keeping the league alive and providing opportunity for youth to participate in the great game of basketball.  

To celebrate another successful season, Boston Pizza supplied pizza for teams to enjoy, while the coaches presented a coach’s award to each team.

Award winners  

Grade 4-6  
Red – Zion Garside and Marley Beauregard
  Blue –Zackery Couture
  Grey – Seth Gallop and MacKenzie Wheeler
  Gold – Ezra Garside
Grade 7-8 Red – Luke Boville     
  Blue – Charlie Gallop
  Grey – Lilly Van Geel
  Gold – Brenton Wang

If you would like to be part of the Canadian Tire basketball league next season send an email to to be added to an email list sent out next spring.