A perfect Fall day to be in a pumpkin patch

A perfect Fall day in the Hi-Berry pumpkin patch .... as dashing and debonari Haven André Essiembre discovered              

A Fall day in the pumpkin patch

A perfect Fall day to be in the pumpkin patch at Hi-Berry Farm ... as dashing and debonair Haven André Essiembre discovered.  

Mother Nature’s beauty

Yesterday, we were away but thanks to our game camera we were able to capture a special picture. Sometimes it just pays to stay...

Question to our readers

A reader sent us a photo and asked if anyone  "... knows what this animal is that was caught on our home camera?" He thinks...

Sunsets over Lake Huron

Sunsets over Lake Huron the past few days have been particularly incredible.   The colours (untouched) range from flaming red to orange and gold.    

Local photographer takes a kayak tour among Lake Huron icebergs

Icebergs remain in Lake Huron but that didn't deter avid kayaker, comedian, motivational teacher and photographer, Jen O'Reilly from venturing out off the shore...

Time to Spring ahead!

Tonight is the time to make sure clocks spring ahead by one hour.  Although clocks should be officially changed at 2:00 a.m., unless you want...

Out and About on Lake Huron

Don't let those lake bergs fool you. Lake Huron is just resting and waitingfor the next storm.

Lottery Ticket Thieves- males wanted in several jurisdictions

On February 4, 2019 at 2:30 p.m., Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Lambton County Detachment attended a fueling station located at the 4000 Block of...