Crime Stoppers Month – January, 2022

Crime Stoppers is a community based program that uses the resources of the media, police and members of the public to solve crimes. It is clearly an organization that exists to improve and maintain the quality of life we have come to expect in our communities.

The benefits received by the 17 municipalities of Bruce and Grey counties from this program have been enormous and far-reaching. From 2017 to 2021, information received from the public resulted in 138 arrests, 518 charges being laid, and the recovery of over $630,000 worth of property and cash. In addition anonymous tips have cleared the streets of over $1,500,000 worth of illicit drugs.

It has long been understood that the basics of a properly running society fulfills the physical needs of food, water, shelter and safety. All else we do in society is built upon these four foundational needs being assured and maintained. Many in society suffer from a lack of one or more of these needs but the safety of the community is the foundation on which all else is sustained. Of course the existence of laws, and those who enforce them, are a large part of a community feeling safe.

The fundamental need of law enforcement personnel is a constant flow of information from those same people they are sworn to protect. Human nature involves a wide-array of motivations and one such motivator is rewarding those who help. The Crime Stoppers organization is specifically designed to keep law enforcement supplied with information that helps give them direction on crimes that need to be resolved. The Crime Stoppers program also fills the needs of those individuals who want to help but who wish not to become involved in the prosecutorial process. It’s a certain win/win situation for all concerned.

As an encouragement for the public to call, the Crime Stoppers program does not subscribe to Call Display, does not have *69 capability, and does not voice record tip conversations. The program encourages people to call a toll-free phone number, or submit a secure web tip through a P3 App available for smart phones, with information about any crimes that have occurred or are about to be committed.

Information provided by the public is forwarded, anonymously, to law enforcement personnel who use it to further an investigation which may lead to an arrest, recovery of stolen property or result in charges being laid. Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is not a police program nor is it a government supported organization. The office phones and computer systems are located at a non-police facility and police do not have direct access to it.

Crime Stoppers is run by concerned citizens who make up the core group of volunteers and their Board of Directors. It is the Board’s duty to administer the program, raise funds, and manage the payment of rewards to Tipsters.

Keeping Ahead Of The Curve

Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce supplies a unique window on the community and has provided a real-time platform of changing crime patterns as they evolve. This is evident with initiatives instituted with the advent of COVID-19. Crime Stoppers reached out to local police and other agencies and supplied an anonymous tip line that could relieve local 9-1-1 dispatchers while still passing along information about violations.

New trends in drugs such as Fentanyl, and its trafficking processes, can be quickly discovered through anonymous tips.The scourge of human trafficking is like a malignant growth in a community and one that can be quickly addressed through Crime Stoppers Tipsters while illegal tobacco sales and distribution to minors is a community concern on many levels.

A report released on November 3, 2021, by the Canadian Race Relations Foundation concluded that, “This country may now be at an important juncture, and the next two years might well prove to be a critical period of reckoning for race relations in Canada.” In response, Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is establishing a unique promotion and advertising campaign called “Hate is Not Anonymous – but your call is.” Directed toward the elimination of hate and racism in communities, citizens can now anonymously report information about racism or hate-based groups or individuals.

“When someone spreads hate, they may do it from the shadows but do not wish to be anonymous regarding the targets of their hatred,” says Peter Reid, Chair of the Board of Directors for Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce. “Their intent is to dehumanize an individual or group and to sway the opinions of others. The more they pass along this hate the less anonymous they become. Sometimes all it takes is one anonymous tip to shine a light and put an end to it.”

When you call, of you have information about a crime, you are encouraged to call the toll-free number, 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), submit a secure web tip at or utilize your P3 App. Tipsters are assigned a confidential code number to be used in all future dealings with Crime Stoppers. You will not be asked, nor expected, to identify yourself. You will not have to appear in court because – Crime Stoppers call takers and the police will never know who you are! Tipster’s may be eligible for a cash reward from Crime Stoppers if information they supply leads to charges being laid or the recovery of property. Rewards vary from $50 to $2,000 depending on the accuracy/usefulness of the information and the seriousness of the crime reported. Reward pay-outs are made anonymously and in cash only. Even the manner in which the money is transferred remains completely confidential.

Your support means everything and, above all else, Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce organization is ever grateful to its volunteer base, sponsors, and donators. Without such support, nothing else could happen.

Volunteers are constantly being sought for fund-raising events and board management. Annual fund-raising events currently include a Curling bon spiel, Celebrity Golf Tournament and banquet and three classic car tours of Grey and Bruce Counties. Other opportunities and suggestions for fundraising are welcome.

Crime Stoppers is a registered charity so that individuals and corporate donators can receive a tax deductible receipt. Municipalities, police commissions and police agencies are also encouraged to contribute as sponsors of this worthwhile community-based initiative. Crime Stoppers also receives considerable support from local radio, television, newspapers and on-line publications by passing along news of crimes and other events which further the goals and objectives of the organization. Crime Stoppers volunteers are proud of the organization and have contributed much to the safety of the communities in Grey and Bruce Counties. Anyone wishing to contribute in anyway is encouraged to contact them.