Donation provides timely support for Walkerton nurses

To celebrate National Nursing week, the RBC Foundation is donating $10,000 per year for each of the next three years to South Bruce Grey Health Centre for nursing education

As a result of the donation, the nurses at SBGHC’s Walkerton District Hospital site will receive Cardiac Crisis & Defibrillation training, including real-life “mock” scenarios on how to run a code blue for adult and paediatric patients.

“These funds will assist South Bruce Grey Health Centre in providing cardiac education, skills and best practice initiatives for our nursing staff, enabling us to deliver high-quality health care services in the communities that we serve,” said Michelle Scime-Summers, Director of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive (CNE) for SBGHC. “Working in rural healthcare, all RN’s need to be prepared to assist when cardiac emergencies arise. This education will help better prepare our nurses confidence, knowledge, skill, and judgement when presented with crisis situations.”

The training will also include in-person reviews for all SBGHC registered nurses.

Held in honour of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, National Nursing Week is designed to increase the awareness of the many contributions nursing makes to the wellbeing of Canadians. National Nursing Week runs from  May 8-14, 2023.

Walkerton nurse Emily Maus

“Nurses play a vital role in building prosperous, healthy communities for today and for the future,” said Melanie Renon, Regional Vice President, RBC. “Each year, RBC is proud to recognize the contributions and commitments of nurses by supporting their ongoing access to training and resources. It’s our small way of saying ‘thank you’ to these courageous individuals.”

The RBC Foundation has been supporting nurses’ access to education, training, resources, and most recently including mental health care, since 2009. This year’s commitment of more than $500,000 over three years will provide funding to 22 hospitals in Southwestern Ontario bringing the total investment in local nursing to $1.7 million by 2025.

The show of support comes at a critical time. Recent Statistics Canada data shows Canadian frontline healthcare workers are feeling strained and overloaded.

In July, Statistics Canada reported 23,620 vacant nursing positions in the first quarter of 2022 (up 219% from 2019), and an all-time high of 136,800 job vacancies within the health sector throughout the first quarter of 2022. Recent data released by Mental Health Research Canada also shows that healthcare workers, and nurses in particular, were profoundly impacted by the pandemic.