Escape winter with an Adventure at the Bruce County Museum

Tired of winter?  Why not travel the world in the comfort of the Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre.

Once again, the Adventure Talk Series is about to begin to take you away from a Bruce County winter into world-wide adventure.

The five-part series features adventurers who bring amazing photography and travel stories from near and far, to celebrate some of the world’s most wonderful places.

On February 13th, the series begins by transporting you into the world of butterflies and, in particular, the endangered Monarch.  Experts Kerry Jarvis and Melita Smole will explain the intricate world of the butterfly and the extensive programs that being undertaken to ensure their survival and how Saugeen Shores is becoming a leader in developing a butterfly-friendly environment.

Doors open at 10:00 a.m. for coffee and treats. 

Purchase tickets by calling 519-797-2080 or drop into the Museum Visitor Services Reception.

The Series continues every other Wednesday through to April 10th.

Series Tickets: Members $32 (+HST)     Public $47 (+HST)

Individual Ticket: Members $10 (+HST)     Public $14 (+HST)

* pricing includes a minimal fundraising capital fee, click here to help the Museum continue to be a gem of Bruce County

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