Get ready for Kraft Heinz Project Play voting weekend: October 18-20!

Get ready for Kraft Heinz Project Play voting weekend: October 18-20!

WE DID IT! Saugeen Shores has made it to the top 4 across Canada in the Kraft Heinz Project Play Competition. Now we are competing for the top prize of $250,000. Our organizing committee is confident but we need everyone’s help. 

“During the first phase of the Kraft Heinz Project Play competition, we were absolutely confident that our residents would make this happen,” says Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “Now we are calling on everyone to rally together—let’s go after the top prize of $250,000!”

To be sure of success, support is needed from neighbouring communities. “We need people to cast votes from across the region,” says Charbonneau. “Let’s make this a Grey-Bruce-wide community event and show all of Canada what our area is all about.”

Project Play prize money will be going to support the construction of the new Lamont Sports Park on the south end of Port Elgin: an accessible baseball facility that is intended to serve Saugeen Shores and the broader region.

People 13 years of age and older will be able to vote as many times as they want to during voting weekend (October 18 to 20).

“We need everyone to vote and vote often,” says Mayor Charbonneau. “We also need lots of volunteers at our Kraft Heinz Kool-Aid voting station that will be located at the Port Elgin Community Complex in Rotary Hall.”

Voting will be for 48 consecutive hours with all important information listed below and on the attached voting information piece.

The Kraft Heinz Project Play committee invites all local and area media to our Kraft Heinz KOOL-AID voting room located at 600 Tomlinson Drive, Port Elgin from 12 noon Friday, October 18 through to 12 noon Sunday, October 20 for 48 consecutive hours.

 One of our committee members will be on hand to answer any questions you may have—we hope to see you!

Need help or more information?

Contact any of the Volunteer Committee members below and they can assist:

            Mayor Luke Charbonneau                              519-832-2008 Ext 242
Deputy Mayor Don Matheson                         519-378-5068
Councillor Kristan Shrider                              519-385-2350
Councillor Cheryl Grace                                 519-389-7582
Councillor Jami Smith                                    519-832-0624
Neil Menage – former Town Councillor             519-385-2416
Brian Mass – Community Volunteer                 519-386-6303


Kraft Heinz Project Play voting information

There are several things you can do to help us win the $250,000 top prize, with funds to be directed to our brand new Lamont Sports Park, which will include Playing Fields, Accessible Playground, and Accessible Trails.


This weekend is voting weekend (October 18-19-20)

Voting starts this Friday at 12 noon and runs to Sunday at 12 noon

We need you to Vote and we need you to Vote often (No limit to the # of times you can vote)

Voting 10 times to 100 times is good, voting 100 times to 1000 times is fabulous and voting several hundred times would be simply amazing… You can do this!!!!  We can do this!!!!!

Encourage your spouse, family members, neighbours and friends to vote and make this a community event, and better still… let’s make this a GREY-BRUCE event and show all of Canada what residents in our area all about!

Voting is easy… go to www.kraftheinzprojectplay.comOur Project name is Lamont Sports Park… VOTE AND VOTE OFTEN.


Rotary Hall (Community Complex) will be the site of massive voting and we could use your help. Here are a few highlights above our Voting Station:

  • We will have 20 laptops set up in the Rotary Hall for 48 consecutive hours of voting from 12 noon Friday to 12 noon Sunday—and yes, we are voting right through the night. WE DO NEED NIGHT OWLS for the MIDNIGHT TO 6 am shift in our Kraft Heinz KOOL-AID voting room at the Plex. What a great way for our youth to earn their 40 hours of community volunteering.
  • We need lots of volunteers to cover 2-hour shifts. You can sign up for one or two or more shifts… any help would be fabulous.
  • Registering for one or more shifts is easy: Simply log on to and pick your times. If you have any trouble registering, then please just show up at the Plex Rotary Hall anytime between 12 noon Friday and 12 noon Sunday (48 consecutive hours of voting)
  • Bring a friend or family member if you wish or come on your own, and a Kraft Heinz Project Play Volunteer will assist you with logging on to the laptop provided, or if you wish, please bring along your own iPad or tablet.
  • We have Kraft Heinz KOOL-AID, soft drinks and snacks.

This is a great way to be part of this fun community event where community spirit will be alive and well.

WE NEED YOUR HELP… Can we count you in?