‘Heroes on the Move’ international camp expands

The ‘Kingdom of Adventure’

It’s Dance time!

Pastor Gary Harvey leads the groups at the early morning rally on the first day

‘Heroes on the Move’ sports camp in Port Elgin is again filled to capacity this year as it celebrates its 12th anniversary.

Parents line-up to get into the camp

Pastor Gary Harvey of Port Elgin Missionary Church shows two turtle shells in his story of the beauty of creation

This year, there are 40 participants from Raleigh, North Carolina and the two weeks are filled to capacity.  The parishioners from North Carolina pay their own way.

A unique faith and fun-filled day camp experience, participants have the opportunity to let creativity run wild during Arts Week and play all sorts of fun and crazy games during Sports Week.

The camp  partners with the Shoreline Baptist and Port Elgin Missionary Church and is volunteer driven.

Each day begins and ends with group rallies that include singing, music, puppets and a bible lesson.  Throughout the day, campers take part in sports activities, crafts, games, music and swimming.