Huron-Kinloss celebrates successful completion of Lucknow Elevated Water Tower Project

The Township of Huron-Kinloss is thrilled to announce a major milestone in the history of its water infrastructure—the completion of the Lucknow Elevated Water Tower Project. This significant initiative, aimed at enhancing water storage capacity and ensuring the safety of drinking water services in Lucknow, has been a longstanding endeavor for the Township.

Formed in 1999 through the amalgamation of the Townships of Huron and Kinloss and the Village of Lucknow, the Township of Huron-Kinloss inherited various municipal water systems. Over the years, efforts were made to consolidate and maximize efficiency. However, the existing Lucknow water storage facility, a steel standpipe constructed in 1931, presented some challenges.

The Township embarked on a journey to secure funding for the Lucknow Standpipe Replacement Project. Despite facing multiple setbacks in funding applications, the Township remained committed to the project, navigating through various funding programs and redesigns.

In 2022, the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Green Infrastructure Funding Stream finally provided the necessary financial support. The total project cost was $5.26 million, with a significant portion covered by the grant, and the remainder funded from Huron-Kinloss Water Reserves. No additional costs were assessed to ratepayers as a result of the project.

The construction contract was awarded to Landmark Structures Co. and commenced in November 2022 with expected completion in December 2023. The Township is pleased to report that the Lucknow Elevated Water Tower Project was completed on time and on budget. The new Elevated Water Tower was commissioned on November 8th, 2023, and demolition of the historic Standpipe began on November 20th by Priestly Demolition Inc.

The elevated tank design stands 10 metres taller than the original standpipe and is situated as a proud symbol of the Lucknow community. The new elevated tank will provide increased water pressure for all Lucknow water system customers, increased emergency storage and will accommodate future growth in the area. With the project completion, the Township can actively address housing development and infrastructure needs.

The Township expresses gratitude to everyone that has contributed to the realization of the Lucknow Elevated Water Tower Project. This achievement underscores the Township’s commitment to providing reliable, safe, and sustainable water services to its residents.