‘I can’t tell you’ says Crime Stoppers

Recently the disappearance and search for Lisa Maas was in the local media again. Firstly, let me thank Nick Oldrieve and Matthew Nopper along with the media for keeping this case in the public eye.  Maintaining the focus will hopefully one day bring closure to the family and community.

It’s inevitable when this case is covered that I get “The Question”: “Does Crime Stoppers get tips about Lisa Maas?”. The answer to that is “I can’t tell you”. I would love to be able to answer that, but I can’t. Crime Stoppers promises complete anonymity to the people who call or contact us online. It is something we will not compromise. We sign an Oath of Secrecy to protect any information in anyway regarding a tip.

Crime Stoppers of Grey Bruce is a registered charity. We receive over 90% of our funding by fundraising in our local communities. We operate with a volunteer Board of Directors and a single paid Administrator. Nothing would make fundraising easier than if we got acknowledged whenever one of our tips led to an arrest. As tempting as that would be, we can’t work like that. The Police and Crime Stoppers both recognize this; neither will ever confirm or deny a tip came from Crime Stoppers.

The best we can do is provide our statistics. In 31 years in Grey Bruce, our tips have directly helped remove over $48 Million dollars in drugs from the streets, recovered almost $4 Million in stolen property. We have also approved over $260,000 in cash reward payments for successful tips.

If you have any information about Lisa Maas or any other crime, we are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week just as we have been for 31 years. Often the smallest piece of information can be a key to solving the case.

Be part of the solution!

Peter Reid
Crime Stoppers Grey Bruce