Kincardine Cruiser Night attracts thousands

The Kincardine Cruisers Car Show held on Friday night, August 3rd and in combination with the Kincardine Reunion, was one of the largest ever held.

Hundreds of classic and vintage vehicles lined the main Queen Street and all the side-streets as thousands of people strolled in the warm evening to take them all in.

Among the cars were some very rare and expensive vehicles that had an extensive and romantic history behind them.

For instance the “…1936 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Sedanca deVille was ordered by the Marquis de Villeroy, a descendant of the French noble family of Neufville de Villeroy for delivery to Paris for his use on the Continent and while in exile in Britain during World War II.  King Karol of Romania, who was forced to abdicate in 1940, frequently toured the streets of Paris enjoying the nightlife with the Marquis.  The vehicle is the last model of Rolls Royce that Sir Henry Royce, an English engineer, car designer and founder of the famous company with Charles Rolls and Claude Johnson, was involved with prior to his death in 1933.  The model on display was one of two Sedanca de Villes built by Carrosserie Henry Binder of Paris, famous for the coachwork on two of the Bugatti Royals.”

While hundreds of classic and vintage cars lined the streets, there were also motorcycles and vintage vehicles like the Volkswagen ‘Happy Wagon” that brought back memories for those who stopped to take a look.

In addition to the vehicles, there was music and food vendors and with perfect weather, it was a popular event for visitors who came from far and wide, some to meet with old schoolmates at the reunion.

1934 Cadillac was awarded the U.S. Library of Congress Historic Vehicle Award placing it in the National Historic Vehicle Registry and is one of only 28 in the world