Liberal candidate resumes HaveYourSayCAFE in rural Ontario

Allan Thompson, Federal MP candidate for Huron-Bruce Counties has resumed his HaveYourSayCAFE grass-roots opportunity to meet the public over a cup of coffee and learn what it is that the public wants of its government and the issues that are of concern.

Thompson was in Port Elgin (Saugeen Shores) on Saturday, February 16th, at the popular Rabbit Dash Coffee House on Goderich Street where he met with several people.

  (L) Ian Burbidge, Allan Thompson, Graham and Jeannette                                                               Steeves

Fort Papalia of Kincardine also dropped by to chat with Thompson about PRIDE and the Kincardine parade, in which Allan Thompson marched last year (2018).

   (Standing) (L) Fort Papalia and Braden      Stanton- an LGBTQ advocate, stopped by     to chat with Allan Thompson (seated L)

“The community response in Kincardine at the first parade in particular was overwhelming,” said Papalia, “and I can only hope that the community of Saugeen Shores organizes its own community parade.  I know last summer the community raised a PRIDE flag at the Police Station but I think a parade would also be beneficial.”

Thompson will be continuing with his ‘coffee house – meet the public’ approach over the next few months in many communities and he encourages citizens to come out and tell him of their concerns and what they want to see from their government, particularly, as it concerns rural Ontario.