Message of STAY HOME – not working when it comes to cottage country!

Despite many government appeals at all levels to not travel to summer residences, it appears that it they are falling on the old saying “deaf ears”.

It isn’t that cottage communities do not want the increased population that their Spring and Summer visitors bring, it is a fear of not only spreading the COVID-19 virus, but of overwhelming local rural health care facilities.  Smaller local hospitals simply do not have the capacity, personnel or equipment to accommodate a major swell of medical care, let alone a pandemic situation.

It would appear however, that this argument has had little result.  There is no doubt that there are many ‘summer residents’ who have returned early.

In observation, I saw a recently opened ‘summer residence’ with FIVE vehicles in the driveway and also saw many groups of people walking without social-distancing.

Another year-round resident saw ‘joggers’ on the beach … “what part of the public health urgings do these people not get?” she asked.

*(according to experts however, as long as you are jogging/running alone or maintaining social distancing, it is ok to run out of doors on routes that are not restricted keeping a social distance).

There is no doubt that this is a trying time.  But it’s a trying and challenging time for everyone.  So, for those who choose to migrate from large urban centres to smaller cottage communities just because they own a ‘summer’ property, you should take a look in the mirror or the eyes of your children or your parents or your grandparents and, when they ask, “did you do all you could?” … answer them truthfully.

Everyone is being asked to do their part, just as we were asked in World Wars I and II … our parents and grandparents did not hesitate then to serve and their families held down the fort at home for months, and years.  Unfortunately, it appears this generation doesn’t feel that same sense of duty and … we’ve only been under ‘curfew’ for one month.