Nunsense – a hilarious musical comedy

The hilarious musical comedy, Nunsense, that is now playing at the Bruce County Playhouse in Southampton Town Hall, is perfectly cast.

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The five women who play the five nuns are all ‘scene stealers’ when solo but when all together, they are even funnier.  As vocalists, there is no doubt that they are professional with harmonies and diction that is readily understood.

(L-R role characters) Mother Superior, Sister Mary Amnesia, Sister Mary Hubert Mistress of Novices, Sister Mary Leo and Sister Robert Anne

Despite being ‘height challenged’ when compared to the rest of the cast, Samantha Colwell-Castles who plays the Mother Superior, is not afraid to take on a physical comedic stab and it works perfectly as she often controls the stage.  She uses her facial expressions and body movements to her complete advantage as a comic actor.

Ada Balon plays Sister Mary Amnesia and uses her incredible voice to easily slip in and out from one character to another.  From the ‘forgetful’ nun to a semi-ventriloquist, she switches from a tiny voice to one that fills the room.

Sarah Lynn Strange, who plays Sister Mary Hubert Mistress of Novices, brings to mind the ever popular nun who starred with Whoopi Goldbert in Sister Act.  She is an ideal foil to the Reverend Mother Superior.

As with the entire cast, there is no doubt that Sister Robert Anne, Heather McGuigan, is a professional. Having performed in more than 50 professional productions, her voice and dancing are first-class.

Then, we come to Saugeen Shores’ Gracienne Swarbrick as Sister Mary Leo.  At 16 years old, she is a vocal student of teacher Jeanette Steeves and been an Ontario provincial finalist in trained vocal and music theatre categories many times.  As Sister Mary Leo, her soprano voice is clear and blends with the others.

(L) Samantha Colwell-Castles, Ada Balon, Sarah Lynn Strange, Gracienne Swarbrick and Heather McGuigan

This summer, 2019, is the 5th season of the Bruce County Playhouse bringing professional theatre to the area .

Natalie Robitaille, a performer herself, is sitting in the director’s chair this season for the three major productions of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by Adam Long, Daniel Singer and Jess Winfield, Nunsense by Dan Goggin and The Drawer Boy by Eli Ham.

Ham was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor, known for Assassin’s Creed: Unity (2014), Condor (2018) and Far Cry 5 (2018).  We feel getting him to direct for us is a story in itself!  He just arrived yesterday and rehearsals for Drawer Boy begin tomorrow. (Eli also performed for Bruce County Playhouse with Natalie in Hockey Mom Hockey Dad ).

Show Dates & Times

  • Sunday, July 28th – 2pm
  • Tuesday, July 30th – 8pm
  • Wednesday, July 31st – 8pm
  • Thursday, August 1st – 2pm & 8pm
  • Friday, August 2nd – 8pm
  • Saturday, August 3rd – 8pm
  • Sunday, August 4th – 2pm
  • Tuesday, August 6th – 8pm
  • Wednesday, August 7th – 8pm
  • Thursday, August 8th – 2pm & 8pm
  • Friday, August 9th – 8pm
  • Saturday, August 10th – 8pm (Closing night)

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