OPP lay thousands of charges during ‘Canada Road Safety Week’

Members of Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) West Region detachments laid over 2600 charges during the 2023 “Canada Road Safety Week” campaign (May 16 – May 22) .

The “Canada Road Safety Week” campaign targeted the “Big Four” contributing factors to death, injury and property damage on OPP-patrolled roads and highways: impaired driving, aggressive driving, failure to wear a seatbelt and distracted/inattentive driving.

During the six-day campaign, officers with OPP West Region’s 13 detachments laid:

  • 1552 speeding charges (51 stunt/racing charges)
  • 60 impaired driving charges (11 warn-range suspensions)
  • 94 seatbelt charges
  • 22 distracting driving charges

In 2022, West Region members laid over 2400 charges during “Canada Road Safety Week”, including:

  • 1609 speeding charges (43 stunt/racing charges)
  • 72 impaired charges
  • 78 seatbelt charges
  • 27 distracted driving charges

OPP West Region Command commends drivers who make our roads and highways safer for everyone by demonstrating safe driving practices.