Paisley ideal for senior living

Tammie McFarlane and Rob Scapin have returned from living in Australia and have relocated to Paisley.

Why Paisley?

The couple returned to Canada primarily to be close to immediate family members in southwestern Ontario.

Tammie McFarlane and Rob Scapin

Although they both come from extensive careers in the Wine Industry, for the last 10 years they have re-focused in the area of Seniors after experiencing the loss of both mothers. “With our mothers,” says Tammie, “we experienced Senior care first-hand and knew it was an area in which we wanted to become more involved.”

The couple then co-managed a beautiful independent living seniors’ facility in Cobourg, Ontario and began to specialize in different areas of Senior living and services.

While in Australia, they discovered that a new wave of co-shared living began to take place, particularly given an aging population.  As in many developed countries, demographics are seeing an older generation who are finding that affordable housing has become a challenge, whether it’s finding housing or remaining in their own homes.

Older people want homes where they can feel comfortable and independent however, many fail to anticipate the health and financial challenges that can diminish their housing choices as they age. With an emphasis on social interaction and lifestyle, co-housing can provide an attractive housing option for seniors.

Retirement living facilities used to be the only solution for seniors however, long wait lists and high costs means that, for many, they are no longer accessible to most Canadians.

With this in mind, the couple has created Silver Share Seniors Services which includes a “Home Share” model that provides a shared living environment for seniors.

Why Paisley ?

The village of Paisley offers a quaint lifestyle with all the amenities within walking distance, from shopping to a library, a medical clinic to restaurants.

In what was once known as a popular tea room, there is now a beautiful gold brick home that the couple is opening up to seniors who want an independent lifestyle but in an elegant Victorian home.

There are three bedrooms available, two singles and a double each of which

seniors can decorate with their own unique furnishings, a common living room, kitchen and dining room in addition to several bathrooms and laundry facility.  The large yard with gardens offers an opportunity to sit outdoors and enjoy nature in a private setting.

Silver Share is accepting applications (519-385-0262) for September 1st from seniors who want to live in a comfortable environment while living independently.

In addition, Silver Share  will also be providing a range of other Seniors Services including Home Share sourcing, Lifestyle options consulting, Elder Mediation, Seniors Wellness, and “Prose” My Story Creation.

Free of charge, is also a ‘Grandparent matching service’.

Interested in Sharing your own home or any other Silver Share Seniors Services? Call 519-385-0262.

Silver Share Web site and Facebook page are currently under construction

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