Pet Patter: Keeping your cat happy and healthy

Any pet owner with a cat knows that keeping our cat happy and healthy means a happy life for us. While most cats are already used to being indoors for most of their lives, they have become accustomed to certain activities by which they keep themselves occupied. I have included some options that are proven to enrich your cat’s life that can help to keep your cat busy, entertained and happy inside the home.

  1. When making the bed, fluff up the sheets and blankets so that they settle down gently on top of your cat, allow lots of room for them to get out from under them. While under the covers, your cat will like when you wiggle and run your hand beside them as if there is a little mouse running by them. They will try to “catch” your hand. You could also keep lifting the sheets up and over them as they like to watch the sheets move up and down. Eventually you will have to make the bed, but it will feel less like a chore and more like a fun game.
  2. Cats love the sound of paper or newspaper being crinkled but they also love to play with the newspaper or paper. You can tie pieces of paper on the end of a stick and wiggle in front of them. You can place a toy underneath the paper of the floor and make the toy dart back and forth under it mimicking the way small prey dart in and out of the grass.
  3. With most people shopping online nowadays, when your package arrives, leave the box for your cat before recycling. Cut a hole in the side, cut the top lid open, wiggle string or toys around the box and let your cat go in, out and around the box trying to catch its toy. Cats are drawn to confined spaces where they can hide or sleep, so just don’t forget they are in there and always make sure they can get out of the box.
  4. It is always a great time to get creative. Build or purchase vertical and horizontal scratch posts. Make sure the posts are sturdy and are at least 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide. Your cat will love if you bring in an item from outside, such as a branch, a rock, fresh catnip and place this on their post. Cats love to climb (a natural way to sharpen their claws too) and read the outside world with their senses and so giving them something new and earthy will keep their senses sharp and help them to get re-connected to the world outside.
  5. If your cat likes to sit by a window looking out at the world, why not purchase a bird feeder or bird bath and place it just outside a window where your cat can view the birds feeding. Cat T.V. at its best.


If your cat likes to play with water, let your cat play in the sink with the water dripping and watch them try to catch the water drops; but not all day as they would prefer. Alternatively, place a bowl of water on a towel with a small rubber duck or wind-up toy in the bowl and watch your cat splash around.

Finally, if the way to your cat’s heart is through his or her belly, then trying your hand at making any cat treat recipes with cheddar cheese, tuna or cat nip in them will be sure to keep your cat busy by coming back to you throughout the day for more treats. However, whether your treats are homemade or not, always err on the side of moderation and always introduce new treats gradually and in small amounts; your cat won’t mind as long as the treats taste good