Pet Patter: Why waste pet waste!

While there are growing concerns over the effects of climate change and one’s own carbon footprint, I must ask; have you ever considered your pets carbon pawprint?

How can one reduce their pets carbon ‘pawprint’ you may ask?


Part of the trash that pet owners dispose of is directly related to pet waste, pet odour or stain products, pet food containers and packages etc.,

When considering just your pet’s fecal waste, the latest findings suggest that dogs produce approximately 10 million tons per year and cats produce approximately 2 million tons. All that waste winds up in the local landfill. Is it not time to reconsider what to do with that waste?

Some pet owners may flush their dog’s poop but not all cat poop can be flushed. Alternatively, and more commonly, there are biodegradable poop bags. These bags biodegrade and allow for your pets poop to biodegrade as well; just like nature intended. There are also flushable poop bags believe it or not. One such brand is flush puppies doodie bags.

Cat box litter bags/liners should also be biodegradable, and why not purchase eco-friendly cat litter that is biodegradable. There are brands that are made out of wheat, pine, corn. These types of cat litters are completely safe for your cat. They are great at nixing odours, are dust free, and harmless to your cat if unintentionally ingested by way of cleaning themselves. Some brands are also flushable.

Most pets (cat,dog, horse, chicken) fecal waste can be composted too, for use in non-food gardens and flowerbeds, or buried away from any vegetable gardens and at least 100 yards from any water source. Every time you place waste into your compost, cover it up with grass clippings, leaves, or food scraps and then let nature take its course.

It must be noted here that when you allow for your pets fecal matter to enter the ground or local water ways, be sure that your pet is up to date on its yearly vaccinations and tested for any parasites yearly.

Taking actions regarding reducing/recycling your pets waste is allowing you to live a more eco-centric life and allows for the earth to do what it does best (clean & repair itself). By giving back to the Earth in this way, the earth is better for it and you and your pet are the better for it. You will be reducing that carbon pawprint and be reducing your own carbon footprint in the process. 

So I ask; why not give back to the planet and not waste your pets waste?