Pipe Up, Kincardine! Get engaged with everything recreation

The Municipality of Kincardine has retained the consulting firm of McQueen Galloway Associates (MGA) to lead the creation of a new, long-range Parks and Recreation Master Plan.

This plan will be a guiding light that will drive future actions on all aspects of recreational infrastructure development and service provision across the range of indoor and outdoor assets in the Municipality. It will help define goals, objectives, and priorities for the short-, medium-, and long-term that will meet community needs.

It will serve as a rallying point for all community recreational pursuits and will be instrumental in supporting a healthy, vibrant community and improve residents’ quality of life. Broadly, the objectives of the Master Plan are:

  • Identify the Municipality’s needs for current and future residents
  • Complete a full inventory of recreational facilities and open space and conduct a service and programming delivery review
  • Ensure financial sustainability
  • Align the Plan with the Municipality’s other guiding documents and Strategic Plan
  • Develop a framework for facility optimization, organizational options, financial modelling, funding, and revenue generating opportunities.

“By creating a parks and recreation plan, we’re drawing a roadmap for our future well-being both physically and financially,” said Jayne Jagelewski, Director of Community Services. “We’re asking the Municipality of Kincardine to “pipe up” to provide input in developing a plan by the community, for the community.”

Development of the Master Plan will be through the consideration of stakeholder needs, recreation trends, best practices in recreation and the Municipality’s capacity to grow. Recreation and programming service providers will evolve throughout the duration of this five-month process.

Community engagement and feedback are an essential part of the project. Residents and stakeholder groups will have the opportunity to participate through an in-person public workshop on September 20, 2023, at the Davidson Centre, 601 Durham Street in Kincardine at 7 p.m.

The consultants will have a short presentation and then community members will have their opportunity to share insights on the gaps, priorities, and opportunities for parks and recreation in the Municipality in a small table format.

Other engagement opportunities include an on-line survey to launch in October.