Putting down roots for close to 70 years!

Saugeen Conservation is putting down roots in a big way!

“We ordered over 110,000 trees this year”, said Donna Lacey, Forestry Coordinator with Saugeen Conservation. “We will be planting 70,000 alone through the Trees Ontario 50 Million Tree Program, which has been a great program,” continued Lacey. “Unfortunately, the cancellation of this valuable incentive program will result in a vast decline in reforestation efforts in coming years.”

Tree planting crews have been travelling across the watershed and will continue to do so until all the trees are planted. “It’s been a very late, wet spring”, reported Lacey, “and tree planting efforts have been slow going due to the amount of rain and saturated conditions. We’re doing our best, however, to get all the trees into the ground as soon as possible. We’ll be at it for a few weeks yet”, she remarked.

Saugeen Conservation has been planting trees throughout this watershed since 1950, resulting in the planting of over 8 million trees! The very first tree planter was purchased by the Authority in 1952. A landowner could rent the planting machine, operator and one planter for $3.50 an hour! “Times have changed,” said Lacey’ “but trees are still planted green side up and we’re hoping to do that for many more years to come.”

With the growing season just starting, the Forestry Department will also be working with landowners regarding woodlot services and Managed Forest Tax Incentive Programs or MFTIP. MFTIP is an excellent program for those who own woodlots. Landowners who have their property classified under this program pay only 25% of the municipal tax rate for forested properties. Plans are approved by Saugeen Conservation staff who are certified Plan Approvers.

Landowners can qualify for a MFTIP program if they have at least 10 acres of wooded area. Lacey reminds landowners that new plans are due at the end of June, while renewals are due by the end of July. “We encourage landowners who are interested in this program to call us at any time. It’s an excellent opportunity for staff to visit with landowners across the watershed and discuss the benefits of forest health and well-being”, she continued.

For more information on tree or forestry services, contact SVCA forestry staff at 519-369-7516 (cell), or email at forestry@svca.on.ca

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