Town seeking proposals for Train Station land at Port Elgin Main Beach

The Town of Saugeen Shores has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to revitalize land near the Port Elgin Main Beach including the former Train Station and mini golf course, as well as the adjacent parking lot.

The RFP outlines specific goals for the property which align with the Waterfront Master Plan. These goals include excellent food services, family-friendly activities that enhance the beach experience, and a business model that allows for capital investment and upkeep of the property.  Ideally, the investment would lead to a longer operating season on one of the most valuable pieces of publicly owned real estate.

The RFP also states the Town is interested in the developer providing, or reasonably accommodating, a train amusement ride located at the waterfront as identified in the Waterfront Master Plan.

“Extensive public consultation has occurred with the community during the development of the Waterfront Master Plan, as well as the Corporate Strategic Plan which identifies Waterfront Investment as a priority,” says Mayor Charbonneau. “Now we are taking the next step to further enhance the Saugeen Shores beach experience for every resident and visitor.  This is an exciting opportunity for the future of our waterfront.” added Mayor Charbonneau. 

The RFP also opens the door for possible public consultation during stage two of the process.