Two main causes for Grey Bruce case increases

The current increase of cases in Grey Bruce is associated with people who are unvaccinated participating in two main activities where public health recommendations are not followed.

The first is private gatherings such as birthday parties particularly where some parents allowed young children to attend and mingle with others while sick with symptoms.

The second is purchasing substance from, and using substance with, others who are infected with COVID-19. Although this transmission was originally people who have challenges with housing, we are now seeing this taking place with people using substance, regardless of housing challenges.

Public health continues to conduct robust and timely case-contact management. Vaccine rollout is maximized through multiple delivery methods including daily clinics, both walk-in and by appointment. There are also walk-in, pop-up and drive-through clinics with our partners including EMS, primary care, and pharmacy. Visit our website Clinic Schedule for dates and times.

We are asking the public to help us achieve the target of getting the majority of people in Grey Bruce fully vaccinated by the end of July. This would significantly reduce the threat from COVID-19. It is our only way out to recover from this pandemic.

Get the vax or get the virus!  Remember, the vaccine takes two weeks to become fully effective.

“With the surge of Delta cases, there is nothing more important for every one of us in Grey Bruce this month than to ensure we get the two doses of vaccine as soon as possible,” said Grey Bruce Top Doctor, Dr. Ian Arra. “Investing 30 minutes before the end of July to get the vaccine is our duty to protect ourselves, our families, and our community.”

We have capacity and vaccine support, and we are on a good path to complete the mass immunization campaign in July. This will most likely enable us to dismantle the hub clinics and make that resource available for other communities in need of mass immunization.

As such, there is no practical value for keeping any of the 2nd dose appointments that are currently scheduled in the Hubs after August 1, 2021. It is in their best interest for anyone with an appointment for 2nd dose scheduled after August 1st, to secure an appointment in the first available clinic, 28 days after their first injection. Selecting an earlier booking date automatically cancels the original later appointment. There are many available options for appointment times and locations in July; check our website at Clinic Schedule. Check the.

To schedule an earlier appointment, please go to the Grey Bruce Health Unit website and choose either the Local Booking System or Provincial Booking System and select a location and date.

The Local Booking System is a simplified two-step process:
1) Select a site and,
2) Under target population choose current eligible population.

You do not need to cancel existing bookings as that will be done automatically.

Everyone can prevent the spread of the virus everyday by following the basic precautions of the three W’s –

·       Wash hands frequently,
·       Watch distance (ideally 6ft), and
·       Wear face covering correctly

Additionally, avoid crowds and arrange for outdoor activities instead of indoors whenever possible.

Be safe; get the facts and get the vax!