A ‘fictional’ debate – more truth than fiction

To the Editor:

Our planet is our home.  I would like to put a fictional all candidate debate in a real home in Horseshoe Valley, Ontario.

The debate is taking place in the living room of this house that was built in the early 1970s and sold to my parents in the late 1970s. In the middle of this debate, one of the lights in the ceiling insert begins to release smoke.  The moderator of the debate is the first to notice and asks each of the party leaders in turn whether they are comfortable with continuing with the debate.

Andrew Scheer:  “I am totally comfortable continuing on with the debate, after all, it is only smoke. If it gets really bad we could put on a smoke mask.”

Justin Trudeau:  “I don’t like the smoke and definitely think something has to be done…. after the elections.  If elected, I would tender the job and give it to the best bidder.”

Jagmeet Singh:  “I’m with Justin on this one.  Something definitely needs to be done after the elections. However, I totally disagree with how the job should be handled.  Private business is all about the ‘most for the least’.   The most profit for the least value.  Only unionized work can provide a professional standard that ensures quality  while respecting the safety and integrity of the workers.”

 Elizabeth May: “I am reluctant to continue this debate because of the urgency of our current situation.  I can’t leave this debate.  I will stay on one condition, that you call 911 now!

The debate is fictional but the house is not.  Fortunately, the house is still standing today.  In fact, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family.

The real scenario took place in the winter of 1980.  My sister, Elaine, woke up in the middle of the night to get some water in the kitchen and she smelt smoke.  She went into the living room and noticed smoke coming out of one of the ceiling light’s.  Alarmed, she woke everybody up and called for help.  The volunteer firefighters came and found one of the beams in the ceiling smoldering  as a result of  poor electrical wiring.  They said we were incredibly lucky!  The roof was extremely close to going up in flames! If my sister did not get up for some water, my family and I, would not be here today.

We all know that Climate Change is an issue.  That planet Earth is in trouble.  No one knows what is the flash point.  The intention behind this writing is not to try and persuade Canadians to vote Green.  The ‘first past the post’ system makes me choose to vote strategically.  I vote for the candidate that not only represents my current views on key issues but also has a chance of winning against the party I least wish to gain power. To vote  Green Party, in my riding, would be a ‘lost vote’.

We have politicians ,and by extension us, debating how our tax dollars should be spent and what laws to bring in/throw out.  We need to take responsibility for the decisions we make during elections.  As citizens, it is our responsibility to make sure that ‘our house’ is safe and will be around for future generations.  We need to be able to look our children in the eyes and let them know we are doing something towards guaranteeing that they have a house to live in when we are gone.  They are, after all, the ones who will have a flaming house to try and live in if we don’t ALL wake up NOW.

Recently I have become aware of a non-partisan group called Leadnow.ca.  I would encourage people to check them out. They are supporting current candidates who have a chance at winning their electoral district and are seriously concerned about Climate Change. They are currently organizing a phone campaign to inform the public of the candidates that have made Climate Change a top priority and are willing to work across party lines.  Candidates from the Green Party, the NDP, the Liberal and Jody Wilson-Raybould running as an Independent are being promoted as agents of real change.

On a global level, check out “Sing for the Planet”.

We live on a beautiful planet called Earth.  Raise your voice and sing for our only home!

Dawn Williams
Port Elgin, Ontario