A grass roots project that reached unbelievable results

“It is hard to believe that a grass roots project of this magnitude could have been completed by so many dedicated volunteers. There were 54 people involved in this project. Absolutely incredible and quite unbelievable,” says Rev. Darlyne (Dar) Rath.

The last shipments of caps were sent out on October 6th after the group of volunteers  collectively made and delivered 5,046 surgical scrub caps to 18 nursing home, 10 hospitals, and several dentist offices.

In addition, the group provided the hospitals with over 1,000 masks and also made and distributed masks for KABAESHIWIM Respite Women’s Shelter and local friends, neighbours and family.

Rev. Dar Rath adds, “Well done folks!!! Hard to find the words to describe this. It is in the heart and soul – not a word – it is an emotion! I am going to miss all the caps being delivered and being picked up for delivery. I’m going to miss communicating the wonderful “thank you’s” that we have received from staff, managers and those helping us with the funds to buy fabric, buttons and elastic.”

Rath adds that appreciation has to go out to many who supported the project. It includes financial support from: The Southampton Hospital Foundation, Bruce Power, the Southampton Rotary club, Owen Sound Hospital Foundation, Jane Kramer, Mary Ann Bousquet, Margitta Lange, Bruce Power Workers Union, Becker Shoes for all the boxes to pack up the caps for shipment and the many folks in the community who dropped off buttons, fabric and elastic. Bless all of you! It wouldn’t have happened without your support!”

“At the moment, I’ll continue to hold a few things – 2 yards of fabric, buttons, elastic and a few dollars. etc.,” says Rath.  “I think we need to see how this pandemic unfolds and then we can totally close the project down in maybe a couple of months. You never know – there may be a different Grey Bruce community need, or a need for more caps.”

Rath says that that group has maintained its enthusiasm and steadfast dedication “… when many would have thrown in the towel.”

Congratulations to the group after completing 5,046 surgical caps and over 1,000 masks.



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Huda Shaikh
Patinet Coordinator, Bruce Grey Dental Center