A reminder – be wary of what you post on-line

It’s finally here ! Kids head back to school!
Police remind everyone to be very careful of what you post on-line, particularly through social media when it comes to your children. ‘First day of school’ signs have become popular but they can also be dangerous because of the photo with personal information that may lead to criminals gaining intel about both, your kids, and your own password data.
According to the police department, parents should always avoid publicizing the following:
– Name of school
– Age
– The grade your child is going into
– Height/weight
Teachers’ name
Photos of your child holding information about their age, school, grade, favourite things could be potentially dangerous if it got into the wrong hands.
According to police, from the photo posted below for instance, “… we now know what the child looks like, their name, what school they would be at, hooks on conversation topics the child would be interested in and we could find out what time the school day starts and ends and when the child would most likely be outside the school.  Frightening?  It should be.
Have fun this school year but also be safe.