Accession Day of Celebration – God Save the Queen

Today, February 6th 2022, marks 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in Great Britain, and of the Commonwealth, and officially begins the year of her platinum reign.

While many countries may be envious of the Commonwealth having the most revered monarch in the world, Canada is fortunate enough to be able to lay claim to her Royal Majesty.  She has visited Canada 22 times, more than any other of her Commonwealth countries and has, on many occasions, expressed her fondness for the Canadian people.

What is there to say that hasn’t been said about this phenomenal woman?  Against opposition, she was the first to have her coronation televised (1953); she was the first to initiate a crowd walk-about (New Zealand 1970); the first and only living head of state to serve in the Military (WWII mechanic and driver); the first monarch to send an email (1976) and embrace technology; the first not to take her husband’s name upon marriage; for having a serious interest in government and political affairs; for modernizing the monarchy using television as a message medium (1957); the longest marriage of any British monarch (Prince Philip – 73 years)  … and the list goes on.

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She has maintained a consistent, dignified, stately and stable reassuring calm despite turmoil within her family and the world at large.

  Following her coronation, Her Majesty’s speech on June 2, 1953.

God Save the Queen … Long May She Reign