Bruce Power receives 10-year licence renewal

                                                     photo by Sandy Lindsay

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announced today that Bruce Power has received a 10-year renewal of its Power Reactor Operating Licence.

The licence renewal will allow the site’s eight units to operate through 2028. As part of Bruce Power’s application for its licence renewal, the CNSC held a two-part public hearing, which included a four-day public hearing in Kincardine this past May that featured presentations and letters from over 100 intervenors.

Throughout the process, Bruce Power actively engaged with the community, interested stakeholders and Indigenous communities. The company heard a wide-range of feedback and areas of interest in its operation and looks forward to a continued ongoing dialogue on these topics and incorporating feedback into activities going forward.

The License Renewal process is one of many ways to engage in the process. In addition to Bruce Power’s ongoing activities the CNSC also holds its Commission meetings in a public forum and conducts an annual review of Nuclear Power Plants, including Bruce Power. Bruce Power encourages full participation in these ongoing opportunities and will also build on the dialogue from the process directly as well.

Bruce Power remains committed to living its number one value of Safety First and protecting its employees, the public and the environment through a relentless focus on continuous improvement and safety.

About Bruce Power

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