Carbon monoxide alarm vital for safety

Letter to the Editor:

We had a scare yesterday with a cracked heat exchanger on our Carrier Furnace that is 15 years old. 

We were actually out buying groceries when 10 firemen and 1 Union Gas Supervisor arrived at the house.

The readings were 70 ppm on the main level, 80 upstairs and then later the Union Gas supervisor blocked furnace usage when he saw a reading of 1,000 at the outside exhaust.

Smoke detectors must be replaced every seven years and so we bought three of those yesterday as well.

If this had happened while we were away and our cleaning gal ignored the alarm—it would not have been a happy thing at all. 

Our son, Jeremy, tipped us about these detectors, and coincidentally, we saw them on sale at Costco.   To think we actually dithered about the purchase!

A brand new furnace is being purchased this week.  We urge everyone to ensure you have working smoke and CO2 detectors/alarms.

Gord Boyd, Southampton