Chantry Chinook derby comes to a close for 2023

The Chantry Chinook Classic Fishing Derby that took place over 16 days between July 22nd and August 6th, has come to a close for another year with some impressive results.

The Derby, a fundraiser for the Lake Huron Fishing Club, took place in both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, with weigh stations at Saugeen Shores Port Elgin harbour, Kincardine Harbour, Lures N Lines in Wiarton and Lion’s Head harbour.

Although trout were far fewer this year, salmon appeared to be on the increase.

There were several prize categories that included the largest salmon, largest lake trout and largest rainbow trout.

In the Chinook Salmon category, the top three overall winners were:

1st place prize $15,000 – Scott Thede – at 21.50lbs. – 36in.
2nd place prize $4,000 – Bob Clark – 20.80lbs. – 39in.
3rd place prize $2,000 – James Rouse – 19.70lbs. – 34.5in.

In the largest Lake Trout category, the top three overall winners were:

1st place prize $7,500 – Adam Root out of Port Elgin Harbour – 22.72lbs. – 35.75in.
2nd place prize $1,500 – Brad Schwass out of Port Elgin Harbour – 18.75lbs. – 34.5in.
3rd place prize $750 – Lucas Bester out of Kincardine Harbour – 18.47lbs. -37.5in.

The largest Rainbow Trout category had two top winners:

1st place prize $500 – Jesse Van Vlymen (Lures N Lines) – 15.68lbs. – 31.5in.
2nd place prize $500 – Gary Fischer (Lures N Lines) – 6.1lbs. – 4.41in.