Conserve Water Notice issued for the Kincardine Drinking Water System


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The Municipality of Kincardine is asking users of the Kincardine Drinking Water System to conserve water from April 29th to approximately May 20th while the Kincardine Water Treatment Plant undergoes reservoir repairs.

Affected homes include those in the former Town of Kincardine, along the pipeline to Inverhuron, and within the Huronville subdivision.

During this time, drinking water will be fed by the Huron Kinloss Lakeshore Drinking Water System. This system will continue to supply its normal users; to ensure there is enough water for users in both Huron-Kinloss and the Municipality of Kincardine, residents are being asked to conserve water as much as possible.

“I want to thank everyone in advance for respecting this Conserve Water Notice and doing their part to ensure there’s enough water for both us and our neighbours,” said Mayor Gerry Glover.

The Conserve Water Notice requests users refrain from watering lawns or gardens, filling pools, and general outdoor water use until the conserve water notice has been lifted. Indoor water use should also be limited; some ways to conserve water include limiting laundry, reducing shower time, and reprogramming water softeners to recharge less during this time.

“Users should be aware that Huron Kinloss’ groundwater wells also have safe but elevated levels of naturally occurring sodium and fluoride.” said Adam Weishar, Director of Infrastructure and Development. ‘Every water system is different, and users may also notice a normal difference in water pressure, colour, and taste during this time.”

Questions and concerns can be directed to the Municipality of Kincardine at 519-396-4660 x2.