Grey Bruce Labour Council donates to United Way Bruce Grey

“Hope is not cancelled … timely words that are profoundly important”, says Labour Council President, Kevin Smith.

Coming together in times of crisis is as natural to Canadians as breathing. Working for the collective good makes up the foundation of what Canada is today, and Canadians are justifiably proud of this cornerstone of their identity. Smith says, “Great responsibility comes along with being custodians of this history and with reluctant thanks to COVID-19 we are now being given the opportunity to undertake this responsibility and live up to this ideal in the strongest terms.”

Dave Trumble, Labour Council VP for Bruce, “The Grey Bruce Labour Council, like so many organizations wrestling with the COVID-19 crisis, will not be deterred from their mission and in the case of the Labour Council, this is being the voice of workers in our region”. Labour Council Treasurer, Gord Cale, noted at the March 23rd remote meeting, “being the voice of workers means leaving no one behind”. Cale put forth that the Labour Council immediately act to provide some help to the most vulnerable in our community.

Based on unanimous support, The Grey Bruce Labour Council is proud to announce a $2000.00 donation to the Bruce Grey United Way to provide aid to the homeless in our region during this difficult time. Cale notes on behalf of the Labour Council “the COVID-19 crisis is going to be with us for a while and this donation is not necessarily a one time donation and further action, including further donations, will be on our agenda for the foreseeable future”.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council has a sixty plus year track record of being there for our region’s workers and in aiding countless socially progressive initiatives. As our region and the rest of the world tries to cope, the Labour Council delegates and affiliate unions will stand by our communities.