Grey Bruce Public Health: Road to Recovery

Dr. Ian Arra, Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and CEO of Grey Bruce Health Unit says that, “As the province launches into the recovery phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of local plans are being put into place. This will include a gradual, staged approach to reopening businesses, services and public spaces.”

Public Health has issued a Recovery Phase plan that will be updated as details emerge from the province and as local information becomes available.

To try to help the general public understand why it is being done in stages, the Grey Bruce Health Unit has developed the video “Reopening and Riskiness” along with a reopening infographic to illustrate the rationale behind the re-opening strategy.  Along with this reopening infographic, we hope everyone has a better understanding of the rationale behind the reopening strategy for both the province and locally!

The risk of transmission and community spread of COVID-19 remains. Therefore, Public Health encourages all municipalities to consider the adoption of by-laws to restrict use of beach and waterfront spaces based on local need. Some municipalities may choose to maintain full beach closures, others may open with restrictions such as for walk-through purposes only and others may choose to open fully.

Other amenities may be limited or remain closed, such as public washrooms, change rooms, water refill stations, beach volleyball courts, or boat rides and rentals. Playgrounds in Ontario remain closed by an emergency order so there will be no access to playground structures, swings or slides.