Ground-breaking ceremony held for new OPG Clean Energy facility

Yesterday, December 16th, a ground-breaking ceremony was held for the new Western Clean-Energy Sorting and Recycling (WCSR) facility that will be built at the Bruce Energy Centre Industrial Park in Kincardine, Ontario.
(L-R)Jason Wooland of OPG; Kincardine Councillor Dorne Fitzsimmons; James Lauritsen, Managing Director of Laurentis Energy Partners; Dancor Construction VP Steve Rambajan; Pat O’Connor (representing MP Ben Lobb); and Kincardine Deputy Mayor Randy Roppel. (Photo OPG w/photographer John White)
Ontario Power Generation (OPG) will operate the facility that will sort and segregate low-level materials from OPG’s nuclear operations, in order to provided enhanced support for the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.
The project is a collaboration with OPG and Laurentis Energy Partners and Dancor Construction.
When completed, the new facility will occupy 42,000 square feet and employ 25 people.  Its purpose is to maximize recycling and free release of clean-materials, while minimizing volumes for interim storage and permanent disposal. This will benefit the environment, by reducing the need for new storage buildings.

It is anticipated that the facility will be operational in mid-2022 pending approvals.