Huron-Bruce Liberal Candidate continues ‘grass roots’ campaign style

In his bid to be the next MP for Huron-Bruce, Allan Thompson has been busy throughout the riding.

Thompson was officially nominated as the Huron-Bruce Liberal candidate on January 12th.   The last Liberal in power was Paul Steckle who represented the riding from 1993 to 2008.

In the previous Federal election, Thompson closed the voting gap in the riding by a considerable margin, when he ran against incumbent PC Ben Lobb, losing by a narrow margin of 39.71% to Lobb’s 44.94% of the voter turn-out of 72.77%.  In the ‘first-past-the-post’ electoral legislation, although Lobb’s results dropped by 10%, it enabled him to retain his seat.

This time around, Thompson hopes to finally bring the Liberals back into power in Huron-Bruce and, as in his previous ‘grass roots’ campaign, he continues to visit many communities and take part in as many events as possible throughout the riding.

Thompson recently visited the newly opened Huron Shores Hospice in Tiverton (ON) where he saw first-hand the care that hospice gives to patients and their families.

Then, in the new year, Thompson continued his travels throughout the riding despite severe weather conditions at times.

                                     photo from Allan Thompson

Thompson, who chaired the Liberal Party’s ProjectRURAL task force after the last election,  continues to focus attention on rural Ontario.  He recently visited Parliament Hill where he met with the new Federal Minister of Rural Economic Development, Bernadette Jordan, and her parliamentary secretary, MP Marc Serre.

Thompson says that, “The Trudeau government’s focus on rural issues remains very encouraging and I will continue to promote rural attention at the Federal level in Ottawa.”

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