Kincardine Huron Heights students receive several science awards

submitted by Heather Weber

On Wednesday, April 12th, sixteen students representing Huron Heights competed at the 2023 Junior Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair at the Harry Lumley Bayshore Community Centre in Owen Sound. The team presented their scientific findings to a team of judges, and explore chemistry and physics topics through the fair’s Special Events programming on the MS Chi-Cheemaun. At the awards ceremony, the following awards and medals were presented to the team:

Photos by Jen McKellar






– Claire Bradley – “Amazing Anthocyanin”
– Leela Bordman – “Bacteria: Which House is Dirtier? Mom’s House or Dad’s House”

Claire Bradley (L) & Natalie Baumber (R) prepare for the Special Events program on the MS Chi-Cheemaun


– Henry Ogilvie – “The Great Paper Airplane Debate”
– Nat Baumber – “Healthy Kids are Sweet Enough! Sugar in Food” – Nat’s project was also the recipient of the Health Award for excellence in Health Sciences
– Hunter MacPherson – “Erosion in Motion”
– Leah O’Handley – “My Marker Magic”
– Monica te Vaarwerk – “How Calves Grow”
– Norah Kelley – “Water Filters: How Do You Create Clean Drinking Water with a Homemade Water Filter?” – Norah was also the recipient of the Inspired By Nature Award for excellence in helping to solve an environmental issue
– Andrew Humphrey – “Electrolyte Challenge in Sports Drinks” – Andrew also received the Nutrition Award for excellence in nutritional sciences
– Tegan Frook – “Should I Be Allowed to Get Tik Tok?” – Tegan also received the Social Science Award for excellence in the Social Sciences
– Hayden Adams – “The Perfect Flake” – Hayden received the John Lennon Award for excellence in Physical Sciences


– Robin Moffat – “Do Cats Have a Dominant Paw?” – Robin was the recipient of the Life Science Award for excellence in Life Sciences
– Elijah Watson – “Crystals”
– Blake McCrae – “Heavy Shots”
– Mehreen Syed – “Vertical Farming” – Mehreen received the Owen Sound Field Naturalists Award for an outstanding project focused on environmental conservation.
– Sarah Moriarty – “Plants for Pennies: Which Soil Type Will Grow the Best Plant” – Sarah received the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) Engineering Award for an outstanding project in engineering

Huron Heights student Sarah Moriarty’s project “Plants for Pennies” was also selected as the Best in Fair, which is the top prize in the competition. A special thank you goes out to the team chaperones, Ms. Jennifer McKellar and Ms. Janis Blackwell for supporting the students during the fair. Congratulations to all members of Team Huron Heights for their hard work, determination, and perseverance during the science fair competition.