MacGregor Point – designated the first forest therapy trail in Ontario

Ontario Parks has teamed up with GIFT (Global Institute of Forests Therapy and Nature Connection) to create the first ever forest therapy trail at MacGregor Point, the first designated forest therapy trail in Ontario Parks.

The Global Institute of Forest Therapy and Nature Connection (GIFT) has begun to collect and contribute to a body of data and research.

As well as training forest therapy guides, GIFT designs and designates forest therapy trails in parks and municipalities across Canada.

This collaboration with Ontario Parks includes both the installation of a forest therapy trail at MacGregor Point, and a participant survey to assess the influence on our mental and emotional state of spending time in nature in this way.  Ontario Parks recognizes the profound health benefits of being outside in nature.

Japan has led the way in understanding the wellness effects of forest therapy on dementia, ADHD, depression, anxiety, stress reduction, blood pressure benefits, and immunity.

In addition, the UK has conducted wellness research on forest therapy walks and has provided the foundation for wellness prescriptions covered by UK health care.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the Forest Therapy Trail at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.