Military Service Recognition Book – “Keepers of Remembrance”

Ontario Command is very pleased and proud to publish the Military Service Recognition Book. The book will assist in identifying and recognizing many of our Veterans within the Province of Ontario, while at the same time assisting us in our job as the “Keepers of Remembrance”.

We invite Legion members and the general public to visit their local Legion Branch to obtain more information regarding this Remembrance program and more importantly, to submit a story and photo of a Veteran. We cannot expect those who have served or are still serving to write their own stories for publication. So we are asking members of The Legion and the general public to accept the responsibility and fulfil our mandate to do this on their behalf.

This annual publication will help identify and recognize many of the Veterans of Ontario who served their country extremely well.

As “Keepers of Remembrance”, the Royal Canadian Legion strives to perpetuate the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families sacrificed for our freedom. This Military Service Recognition Book will serve as a reminder for generations to come, of the contributions made towards the creation of our nation and the continuance of Canada as a protector of freedom.

Although this program is all about Remembrance and the history of our Veterans, funds will be raised for the Legion through a telephone appeal to the general public and businesses through advertising sales for the book. The book publisher, Fenety Marketing, is currently conducting a Telephone Appeal on our behalf to private citizens and the business community throughout the Province of Ontario. The funds raised through the program will assist and support many Legion initiatives and to assist branches to remain a viable partner in their communities.

We invite you to submit stories of Veterans who have touched your life through your local Legion Branch. Recognition for our Veterans both past and present should be very important to us all. Please show your support to our Veterans.

The submission form is downloadable at ~ Military Service Recognition Book Committee