Municipal Housing Allowance supports vulnerable residents in Bruce County

Bruce County provides a Municipal Housing Allowance program that enhances housing security and helps vulnerable residents maintain their rental units. The Municipal Housing Allowance is intended to address affordability and will assist approximately 27 households that meet the household income and program guideline requirements.

The program offers a housing allowance of $590.00 per month, which is paid directly to approved tenants. Rent supplements and housing allowances, like the Municipal Housing Allowance, are government or municipally funded payments that attempt to bridge the gap between what an individual or family can afford to pay and what the actual cost of housing is. Bruce County’s Municipal Housing Allowance program is currently available until March of 2023 and may continue depending on funding.

“Housing Allowances are a practical way to provide affordable housing more rapidly, as the County continues to explore opportunities to build new affordable units. Bruce County’s rent supplement and housing allowance programs are a valuable resource for social assistance recipients, low-income earners, and seniors in our region,” said Tania Dickson, Housing Services Manager.

“Bruce County is committed to planning, delivering, and advocating for responsive services that help individuals and families enhance their level of participation and quality of life in our communities. Bruce County strives to provide accessible services that remove barriers and create opportunities,” says Bruce County Warden Janice Jackson.

Apply now for Bruce County’s Municipal Housing Allowance online:

If you have questions or need assistance applying for the Municipal Housing Allowance, please call a Housing Services Program Assistant at 1-877-396-3450.

To qualify for the Municipal Housing Allowance, applicants must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, sponsored immigrant, or have refugee claimant status.
  • be at least 16 years of age.
  • have a household income at or below the most recent Household Income Limits (HILs). This program is geared towards minimum wage earners.
  • be renting a unit and not own a house suitable for year-round occupancy.

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