Municipalities receive one-time funding from Province

The provincial government has announced new, one-time funding to municipal governments to improve local service deliveries and efficiencies.
Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson, announced today that the Government is investing a total of almost $9.5 million across seventeen municipalities in the riding.
“Our government recently conducted a line-by-line review of the province’s expenditures to restore trust and accountability in government finances, and to find efficiencies that respect taxpayers,” Thompson said. “We also want our partners, including municipalities, to take steps to become more efficient as well,” she added.
Thompson said the “one-time investments” will be going to the following municipalities:
Municipality        Amount
Bruce County:     $725,000
Brockton:            $615,620
Saugeen Shores: $631,428
Huron-Kinloss:    $610,865
Kincardine:         $631,428
South Bruce:       $559,837
Huron County:     $725,000
Goderich:            $596,524
Bluewater:           $632,179
South Huron:       $625,482
Huron East:         $604,816
Howick:               $389,945
Central Huron:     $613,082
Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh: $583,183
Morris-Turnburry: $360,473
North Huron:        $532,076
“I hope that this funding will help smaller and rural municipalities become more efficient and modernize their service delivery,” Thompson said. “I trust that they can find smarter ways to deliver services that support their communities and respect taxpayer dollars.”