New Perspectives: Heading Back – by Rev. Heather McCarrel

Photo by Estee Janssens/Unsplash

It is Labour Day Weekend, the weekend of ‘heading back’.  Students are preparing this weekend for ‘heading back’ to school, teachers are prepping for ‘heading back’ to teaching, those fortunate enough to have taken extended holidays will be ‘heading back’ to work.  Just about everyone, retired or otherwise, will be ‘heading back’ into a busy autumn season.

I wonder if we shouldn’t pause and consider what this ‘heading back’ should look like.   Should we be ‘heading back’ head first into the same exhausting pace that sent us away for a rest?  Perhaps we could ‘head back’ in a way that fills us with purpose, energy and enthusiasm?

This long weekend affords us a few extra hours to ask ourselves, “What do I value most in life? Are these values reflected in the busyness of each ordinary week day?”  “What do I want the sum of my days to amount to?”

Our values direct our days and define the purpose in our lives.  By deliberately considering what we value we begin to take control of the activities, people and busyness that fill our days.  Without this deliberate focus our days are devoured by meaningless pursuits which leave us soulfully exhausted.

Once we discover our top values we then have a frame work in which to place the moments of our days.  For example, if peace of mind or time with family top our value list, then perhaps we would think twice about whose company we keep, how many extra commitments we make and how we spend our leisurely time.

Taking time to consider what we value most is like resetting the compass of our life, it will result in a life directed toward enthusiasm, purpose and peacefulness.

As John C. Maxwell writes, “Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.”   May we all ‘head back’ soulfully prepared.