Overture made to CurlON to re-host Tankard in 2023 due to COVID restrictions

In a recent media release, Dave Middleton, who is promoting the upcoming 2022 Ontario Tankard curling event said that, “It need not be restated that these are difficult times to navigate. Present regulations are such that the Tankard could not be held with spectators. Current regulations may expire or may be extended as of January 26th, depending upon how health statistics unfold.”

“One possibility”, says Middleton, “is that current regulations will be replaced by those that had been in effect prior to December 19th, those allowing spectators at 50% capacity in the Plex. There are concerns surrounding that scenario, notably public health, since our event occurs right on the heels of a reopening. Such an event would also be somewhat compromised, with some planned activities and functions cancelled due to ongoing regulations.”

He adds that a second possibility is that the event be held on the same dates without spectators at The Plex. The venue would become a bubble for players and officials only, regulated by strict protocols.

In either case, he points out that all planned sponsor logos would be placed in the ice and the event would be streamed. Past streaming audiences have been 50,000, however given the hunger to watch curling, it is anticipated the broadcast audience would be much larger. Although Volunteers would still be required in both scenarios, there would be fewer needed in the scenario without spectators.

“The host committee recognizes full well that whatever course is taken currently, it is not the event we had imagined for our community, nor representative of the overwhelming support that has been shown by the community,” says Middleton.  “As such an overture has been made to CurlON to host the event again in 2023.”

The Steering Committee of Doug Flowers,  Kate Hamer, Brian Crabbe, and Earl Anderson will continued to update the public regarding the Port Elgin Chrysler ’22 Ontario Tankard presented by Bruce Power.