Pandemic lockdown restrictions apply to marinas

During the current Shutdown, marinas are addressed by Ontario Reg. Schedule 2. Marinas are permitted to repair or service watercraft, place boats or watercraft in the water to be secured to a dock and carry out other services to support commercial and government operations or services and enable individuals to access their place of residence or other property.

A marina may not be used for recreational boating purposes except those mentioned above.

Boat launches are not specifically required to be closed by the regulation and are therefore open to a different interpretation than marinas. Municipal amenities such as boat launches are considered municipal infrastructure, similar to a park or playground. Boat launches are not closed, but anyone using them must abide by other shutdown restrictions currently in place, including the Stay-At-Home order. Launching a boat would only be permitted for purposes allowed under the order, such as exercise or obtaining food. Amenities such as boat launches should only be used for their intended purpose and not as a location for a public gathering.